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 Заголовок сообщения: Рикота Джонсон, анкета
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My name is Ricotta Johnson. I was born on August 22. I am fond of music, I like to read poetry. I really like to solve complex problems - it helps me relax. I am a perfectionist, so I can find fault with absolutely every little thing. I always strive for the ideal, but it does not always work. Often everything that I do turns out to be slightly different from what I imagined at the beginning. But this also helps me move on. I accept any reasonable criticism in my address. I always try to control my emotions, I never act impulsively without thinking.
Three situations to choose from:
Situation No. 1.
Your fellow student told you that he recognized the passage to the forbidden section of the library and now he goes there to take books. Students are not allowed to be there. Your actions.
I’ll tell the teachers - it seems to me that students are not simply not allowed into the restricted section, it can be dangerous.
Situation No. 2.
Have you noticed that your classmate writes off on the control - your actions?
I’ll tell the teacher - he doesn’t just give control. The teacher is trying to understand whether the children have learned the material, and those who copy it complicate his work.
Situation No. 3.
Your fellow student started a quarrel with a student of another faculty, while he is wrong - your actions.
I will not interfere in this quarrel. Because when a person believes that he is right, he cannot be convinced of the opposite. And in the end, it comes to a fight. I don’t want to substitute my faculty - if they catch us, they will probably take points. I do not want to be to blame.
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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Рикота Джонсон, анкета
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Доброй ночи.

а) это не анкета на персонажа, а эссе о чертах вашего характера;
б) ролевая игра ведется на русском языке
в) в анкете нет четырехсот слов
г) можете воспользоваться этими советами, если испытываете желание не только троллить, но и поиграть.

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